Helen Keller: Whenever you see (CS) after a question, you must answer using complete sentences. Also remember to use capital letters and punctuation in all the right places!!!
Please place all of your writing, audio clips,
and video clips in this column. Save often!

Pre-Reading: What do you think it would be like to lose your sight? (CS)
What do you think it would be like to lose your hearing? (CS)



Chapter 1 “A Strange Fever”: List two character traits that describe Helen Keller


Chapter 2 “The Dark Silence”: Describe how perseverance helped Helen overcome obstacles. (CS)

Chapter 3 “The Stranger Comes”: How do you feel about how Annie treated Helen in this chapter? (record your response using Audacity)
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Chapter 4 “The Worst Fight of All”: Please give two examples of how Helen and Annie are alike. (CS)


Chapter 5 “W-A-T-E-R” : Why do you think the word “water” was such an important word to Helen? (CS)

Chapter 6 “So Much to Learn” : Read page 52. Once you have practiced reading it several times, please have a friend record you with a Flipcam as you read this paragraph out loud.
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Chapter 7 “A Time to Move On”: If you were able to take Helen Keller out to recess with you, how would you describe what you are seeing? (CS) Please include lots of descriptive words in at least three sentences.

Chapter 8 “I am not Dumb Now!” : Write one conflict that has happened in this story so far. What was its solution?


Chapter 9 “College” : Using Audacity, tell about a time in the story when Helen showed courage.
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Chapter 10 “The Busy Years”: How has Helen changed from the beginning of the book until the end of the book? Please use at least three complete sentences. (CS)

Post-Reading Activity:
What was your favorite part of this story? Why? Please have a friend record you with a Flipcam as you read your response.

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